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Driving Again In 2024

Ever since I scrapped the Honda Jazz in June 2022, the thought of owning a car had never really left me. Sure, going green, saving the planet (saving ourselves), and saving money resonated with me.

But, I treasured freedom. This is something drivers truly understand and feel deep in their beating hearts. So, when 2024 swung around, the Wife–through many months of uttering “if only we had” and “car” and “saving time” and “too far” and “waste time” must have caved in to my overt suggestion.

And so car hunting I did and car hunted we did. My pal’s brother happened to work at OneShift and shared a blue Ford Fiesta 2014 Titanium 1.0L EcoBoost model with low mileage for sale. We’re talking under 40,000KMs here.

Long story short, I am back on the roads again. First impressions and review to come some time later. 🙂

I renewed the COE for my Jazz GD1 for 5 years

Jack’s Jazz has had its COE renewed for 5 years. While I contemplated scraping the car, the joy of driving the Jazz proved too much of a pleasure that drove me to renew the COE–which by the way, can be done online–and I did just that. As we also know, a 5 year COE renewal basically spells the death penalty for the car after that period of time.

But hey, until the 15th year rolls by, I’ll carry on bumming around with the stylishly bland hatchback. So, here’s to another 4 years and 9 months of Jazzing around!

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Respect the truck drivers

I want to talk about truck, van, lorry, and heavy goods vehicles. Before that, let us all rise and give their drivers a standing ovation.

As if driving a car isn’t difficult already, with e-scooters, bikes, bicycles, random pedestrians, children dashing across the roads, insurance scammers and all manner of roadly activities happening–truck drivers are a different breed altogether.

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