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Retrofitting A Temperature and Hygrometer Sensor To The Honda Jazz

Since I started driving the Honda Jazz GD1, I adjusted the aircon temperature through a knob, like any other driver would.

Many new cars however, now come equipped with digital readouts. I thought how nice it would be to retrofit the GD1 with a sensor that could tell me the ambient temperature.

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70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

It’s been several years since I got behind the wheel and drove without a dash cam. That has changed. I purchased the 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro (Global Version) on 1st October for $79.90 through Lazada. It arrived today, four days later.

Now, I (somewhat) fudged up the installation of the electrostatic sticker. Still, running the wires up and along the car trims was a piece of cake. 70mai included a pry tool that you use to open a gap in your car trim for stashing the wires into. If I can do it, you can too.

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Mobile Phone Windshield Holder

Using a phone while driving is illegal and dangerous in Singapore. How then, do we look at the GPS on our phones?


Stick a holder onto the windshield. It typically secures your phone in place by the sides while it cradles the bottom. The holder is attached either to the windshield or dashboard. Most models mount to the windows but are able to mount to your surface of your dashboard too.

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