Retrofitting A Temperature and Hygrometer Sensor To The Honda Jazz

Since I started driving the Honda Jazz GD1, I adjusted the aircon temperature through a knob, like any other driver would.

Many new cars however, now come equipped with digital readouts. I thought how nice it would be to retrofit the GD1 with a sensor that could tell me the ambient temperature.

GD1 drivers can appreciate the simplicity of adjusting fan and aircon settings through knobs.
There are two small gaps behind the steering wheel.

So, for a long while, I had stared at the two gaps between the steering wheel and the speedometer. It felt like I could place a gadget there. I need not look far before chancing upon the Xiaomi Mijia Thermometer & Hygrometer Sensor over Lazada.

The seller sold the thermometer in a set of 3 for $13.30 (when I bought it in December 2020).

Side by side with a Daiso Thermometer & Hygrometer. The readings are aligned.

The Xiaomi sensor measures 43 by 43mm and is approximately 12.5mm thick. It uses a CR2032 battery and is still going strong after 6 months. I am pleased with its performance and use it inside the GD1 to give me a sensing of how cold my AC still is, and how unbearably warm it can be under the Singapore weather.

Note that the sensor will give you a different reading if you place it at the steering wheel like I did, compared to placing it by the vents. You could use adhesives to mount the sensor by the vents. I prefer it by the speedometer so my eyes do not flirt around much.

The sensor even displays a smiley face to let you know how it feels.

This is money well spent. I will gladly buy another set of 3 to place around my home. If you are looking to retrofit a thermometer and hygrometer to your car, consider the Xiaomi sensor.

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