Singcarpore server migration and potential downtime

On second thoughts, I’ve decided that I should not migrate. It turns out that I renewed my hosting plan with my current web host for a year, and I did so only last month. There should be plenty of time to pick up and figure out host migration to a LEMP stack with WordPress.

Hey there! I am still around, despite not updating much. Much has been going on in my life. I know, this sounds like an excuse for not updating Singcarpore for a long time. I want to assure my readers (the few of you) that I am still around!

I am writing to announce the migration of to another web host. So, please do not be alarmed if the site goes down. Migrating WordPress from one host to another isn’t a straightforward task. But, I’ll do what I can to ensure minimal downtime.

The domain will still stay the same. I will still be around, I promise! 🙂

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