I renewed the COE for my Jazz GD1 for 5 years

Jack’s Jazz has had its COE renewed for 5 years. While I contemplated scraping the car, the joy of driving the Jazz proved too much of a pleasure that drove me to renew the COE–which by the way, can be done online–and I did just that. As we also know, a 5 year COE renewal basically spells the death penalty for the car after that period of time.

But hey, until the 15th year rolls by, I’ll carry on bumming around with the stylishly bland hatchback. So, here’s to another 4 years and 9 months of Jazzing around!

Now, as I write this post, I am reminded of the pain and anguish of having witnessed the COE prices for Cat A dip by at a few thousand after I renewed the COE for twenty five grand.

Anyway, I bought the Cairefresh Cabin Air Filter from Autobacs for $40.95, for the GD1 model and installed it myself. I couldn’t have been more proud of doing just that, and must say that watching the following video taught me everything I needed to know to become an expert in the Honda Jazz GD1 2007 Cabin Air Filter Changer Technician Hands-On Person:

Really. Watch the above video and change the filter yourself. Easy.
Meanwhile, allow me some time to collect my thoughts on driving the Jazz after about 1.5 years–that’ll be in a new post.


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