Expressway Etiquette

How do we drive on Singapore expressways? How do we drive on them given that we are not allowed to while driving around with “L” plates?

It’s simple.

When merging onto the expressway, speed up so you don’t slow down when filtering and merging. Easy.

Also, try not to brake when you filter. Doing so typically causes the vehicle behind you to brake, which causes the vehicle behind the vehicle that braked to brake…and you just created a butterfly effect.

You are the cause of jams. But, I kid.

That was easy, wasn’t it? You now know 50% of how to drive on the expressways. What is the next 50%?

The 1st lane. Lane number 1. Numero Uno. One, the loneliest number. The lane furthest to the right. The lane meant for tailgaters, speedsters, accidents, pile-ups and deaths.

Also: The lane for overtaking. Observe 2 speed limits. Some stretches limit vehicles to 80km/h, while most stretches allow vehicles to travel at 90km/h.

So, you drive on lane 2 and a vehicle is going at 60km/h. You see an empty stretch of lane in front of the vehicle, and wish to overtake. Signal right, check, safe, filter right, speed up to within the speed limit, signal left, check, safe, filter left.

That was easy.

But see, if you could travel at 90km/h constantly on lane 1, wouldn’t that be mighty fine too? Sure it is, until a car appears in your rear view mirror and you can see the driver’s face clearly. That’s when you give way and filter left to lane 2.

It’s simple physics. Really simple. Easy. No sweat. You’d think that Singaporeans are law-abiding citizens and that we all drive under the speed limit.

No, no, no! You’re dead wrong. Remember, give way and don’t road hog.

Drivers will always go above the speed limit. As for you? A little road courtesy and common sense goes a long way.

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