Predictable Driving

You see all sorts of drivers on Singapore roads. Human beings are intricate creatures and no two persons behave the same. Thus, no two cars will handle similarly. Yet, what makes our road tick? Why do so many of us get to our places eventually without fuss?

The answer is driving in a predictable manner. What is that? I’m glad you asked.

I will go slow and go straight because the arrows tell me to.

Predictable driving is driving with true intent. When you signal right to filter, I don’t expect you to swerve right immediately. But, I know you will check your mirrors. I know you have determined there is enough space and it’s safe to do so. You then filter right and turn off your signal lights.

Likewise, if you do not signal left to enter the carpark in 10 meters, I will expect that you will carry on straight, you won’t slam the brakes to enter the carpark, and you will spare me a panic attack.

Driving predictably keeps our road safe and efficient. Be a predictable driver. Singapore thanks you.

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