Mobile Phone Windshield Holder

Using a phone while driving is illegal and dangerous in Singapore. How then, do we look at the GPS on our phones?


Stick a holder onto the windshield. It typically secures your phone in place by the sides while it cradles the bottom. The holder is attached either to the windshield or dashboard. Most models mount to the windows but are able to mount to your surface of your dashboard too.


In this model, the bottom allows room for cables to run through. The side arms clamp inwards onto your phone in steps so you can adjust the intensity. Depress a switch in the back to release the clamps and the arms slide out smoothly.

Alas, I forgot to take this holder out when I scrapped my Nissan March and now resort to placing my phone on a small square non-stick surface.

I promise to buy a new holder and show it in use. You can find holders in most automobile and accessories stores. Electronics stores carry them too.

Update soon to come.

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