How to scrap your car in Singapore

It’s that time of the month. No, not that time. That time! It’s time to scrap your car. Let Singcarpore show you how it’s done. The process is painless.

First, you would have received a letter from LTA commanding you to either scrap or not insisting that you renew your COE. You choose to scrap. Go straight to jail and do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Besides, you are not earning the salary of a minister.

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Mobile Phone Windshield Holder

Using a phone while driving is illegal and dangerous in Singapore. How then, do we look at the GPS on our phones?


Stick a holder onto the windshield. It typically secures your phone in place by the sides while it cradles the bottom. The holder is attached either to the windshield or dashboard. Most models mount to the windows but are able to mount to your surface of your dashboard too.

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How to buy a 2nd hand car in Singapore

Buying a used car or 2nd hand car in Singapore can be a painless affair. Let Singcarpore show you the process from start to end; and you too, can be one happy used-car owner.

So, where do we start? What do we do? How does one go about purchasing a used car exactly? Is it simply a mere act of waltzing down the car parks and pasting a note onto a car’s windshield with your offer of purchase when you spot a car you fancy?

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1996 Nissan March K11 – My First Car

This is the Nissan March K11. Look at it.  Look at the car from yesteryear. Take a good long look at this tiny car that can take 4 adults and haul them around Singapore.


Nevermind that the car has only a 1 liter engine. The March was my first car I bought after scouring the web for months in late 2015. Primarily used for work purposes, I got this car with only 4 months left on the COE.


Yes, I was the proud owner of this white March after having it change hands 9 times. Suffice to say, the March has seen some stuff.

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2007 Honda Jazz GD1 – Jack’s Jazz

What better way to kick off the first edition of Read A Ride than to read all about my newest ride which also happens to be my dream car? What car is that? Why, if you’ve completely missed the title, the car is none other than the 2007 Honda Jazz GD1.

I know, people have lofty ambitions and big dreams like driving a continental car, or one that sports an engine larger than your bathtub, or one that makes pedestrian heads go like the girl in The Exorcist.

But me? I just love the Jazz.

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