Thoughts on the Taffeta White Jazz after two months

It’s been two months since I got behind the seat of the Taffeta White Jazz. In that time, I’ve not met Death yet, but other drivers were surely close friends of It.

The 1,339cc I-Dsi engine puts out enough power for my daily commute to work. Would I want more? Sure, why not? The CVT transmission is buttery smooth and dare I say it: Beats an a traditional auto tranny. But, an opinion is still an opinion and I can respect those who love their gears.

The Jazz still puts a smile on my face each time I see it. Whenever a Jazz/Fit passes by me, I can’t help but observe the driver behind the wheel, mods, the sound it makes, driving style, ride height, rims, tyres, tints, body kits, anything and everything that makes a Jazz, jazz.

I’ve ferried a full load of adults up and down slopes, scraped the front end over high humps and bumps, scraped the side in an act of misjudgment, accelerated like a madman away from red lights in “S” mode, drove in heavy rain, late at night along Mandai, CTE, BKE, convoy-ed with a column of Jazzes and Fits in highway congestion, ran errands on it, ferried my family to and fro, and I enjoy every single moment.

The wipers are squeaking and I will need to do something. Perhaps new blades will stop the squeaking. My rear wiper feels crumbly; It’s no wonder it is doing a terrible job at wiping water away. It’s not that bad, but I should do something about it soon.

I look forward to taking care of the Jazz, as it has taken care of me. Singapore roads are largely safe but some drivers can and do drive erratically. I’ve had near misses when a driver decides to switch lane without signaling. They are the best.

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