Singcarpore server migration and potential downtime

On second thoughts, I’ve decided that I should not migrate. It turns out that I renewed my hosting plan with my current web host for a year, and I did so only last month. There should be plenty of time to pick up and figure out host migration to a LEMP stack with WordPress.

Hey there! I am still around, despite not updating much. Much has been going on in my life. I know, this sounds like an excuse for not updating Singcarpore for a long time. I want to assure my readers (the few of you) that I am still around!

I am writing to announce the migration of to another web host. So, please do not be alarmed if the site goes down. Migrating WordPress from one host to another isn’t a straightforward task. But, I’ll do what I can to ensure minimal downtime.

The domain will still stay the same. I will still be around, I promise! šŸ™‚

I renewed the COE for my Jazz GD1 for 5 years

Honda Jazz GD1 2007

Jack’s Jazz has had its COE renewed for 5 years. While I contemplated scraping the car, the joy of driving the Jazz proved too much of a pleasure that drove me to renew the COE–which by the way, can be done online–and I did just that. As we also know, a 5 year COE renewal basically spells the death penalty for the car after that period of time.

But hey, until the 15th year rolls by, I’ll carry on bumming around with the stylishly bland hatchback. So, here’s to another 4 years and 9 months of Jazzing around!

Now, as I write this post, I am reminded of the pain and anguish of having witnessed the COE prices for Cat A dip by at a few thousand after I renewed the COE for twenty five grand.

Anyway, I bought the Cairefresh Cabin Air Filter from Autobacs for $40.95, for the GD1 model and installed it myself. I couldn’t have been more proud of doing just that, and must say that watching the following video taught me everything I needed to know to become an expert in the Honda Jazz GD1 2007 Cabin Air Filter Changer Technician Hands-On Person:

Really. Watch the above video and change the filter yourself. Easy.
Meanwhile, allow me some time to collect my thoughts on driving the Jazz after about 1.5 years–that’ll be in a new post.


Signal even when no one is looking

Here’s a hot tip for drivers new and experienced. Regardless of the time of day, signal even when no one is looking. Statistics show that 72.8% of accidents happen either due to a lack of signalling or one done too late.

So, whether it’s 2 PMĀ or 2 AMĀ in the dead of night and you’re about to do a right turn at a cross junction? Signal. It’s cool. You can do your part, and I’ll do mine.

Also, I made the stats up.

But the point is: Signal.

Drive in my head: 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer EX

Welcome to the first “Drive in my head” where I talk about cars that I’ve not driven but can only imagine myself doing so. Think of me rambling when drunk. Because I am so incredibly lazy, I won’t even post pictures from Wikipedia, much less attempt to take photos of mentioned cars lest I be slapped with a copyright or legal claim. In this first post, I talk about the 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer EX. Here goes! (I will think of a better title soon.)

This is the car that confuses me to no end whenever it passes me by. I lost count of the number of times I thought it was an Evo X. Turns out, there are body kits that turn a Lancer into an Evo! Who knew? Continue reading Drive in my head: 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer EX

Predictable Driving

You see all sorts of drivers on Singapore roads. Human beings are intricate creatures and no two persons behave the same. Thus, no two cars will handle similarly. Yet, what makes our road tick? Why do so many of us get to our places eventually without fuss?

The answer is driving in a predictable manner. What is that? I’m glad you asked.

Predictable driving is driving with true intent. When you signal right to filter, I don’t expect you to swerve right immediately. But, I know you will check your mirrors. I know you have determined there is enough space and it’s safe to do so. You then filter right and turn off your signal lights.

Likewise, if you do not signal left to enter the carpark in 10 meters, I will expect that you will carry on straight and won’t brake hard to enter the carpark and give me a panic attack.

Driving predictably keeps our road safe and efficient. Be a predictable driver. Singapore thanks you.

What is Car Detailing?

Car Detailing is the act of cleaning your vehicle to showroom standards.Ā Go to a car show and you will see cars with surfaces so reflective and clean, you can see your own booger in the reflections.

No joke.

Detailing takes car cleaning to the next level, and then some. Forget about $8 car washes at gas stations unless you don’t mind towels that have swiped themselves over thousands of cars.

For the adventurous however, check out cleaners who roam carparks and offer to wash your car for rates starting at $30 to $40 per month. I’ve seen drivers comment that these cleaners use one rag and bucket to wash dozens of cars in one night.

Go figure.